EV Charging Stations Tailored to Your Needs

Discover the EVera Charging Station System: the perfect combination of technology and design. We offer you the best of green energy every day.Features, accessories, customization: to equip yourself properly, look at all the options available to you.

An EV charging station that offers so much more

For electric vehicle charging, EVera is a unique, integrated system.

It has been developed to be perfectly tailored to your use. The advantages? It is equipped with two high-performance chargers and integrated cable management. Accompanied by our distributor Bornes Québec, we can advise and guide you according to your needs.

Level-2 charging station

Our 240-volt EV charging stations make it easy to charge two vehicles at the same time.Their essential features are also designed to make your daily life easier: cable recall system using gravity pulleys, J1772 connector storage port, and WiFi network connection.

Your station: your image!

In addition to its elegant design and ergonomic use, your EV charging station can carry a message or brand identity. That way, you increase the visibility of your company and can be recognized anywhere.
Bornes custom

Number of electric vehicles on the road in Quebec

In 2019, more than 27,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids were registered in Quebec. That’s a 56% increase over 2018. In fact, that year, just over 17,000 vehicles of this type appeared on our roads in Quebec.

This increase is due to the growing popularity of greener driving. And it’s also due to the various subsidies offered by our region.

Provincial subsidies via the Quebec government, municipal subsidies, the Drive Green program: there is no shortage of subsidies! Find out which subsidies you qualify for now!
27 000
18 000
9 000
5 000
3 000

About us

A new era in parking lot recharging

Our mission is to bring society into the 21st century by revolutionizing access to charging stations in parking lots. Take your business to the forefront and give your customers or employees who own electric vehicles easy access to a charging station.

The EVera is easy to integrate into your environment

We do everything in our power to make our charging stations an integral part of your spaces. Whether you want to install an EV charging station in a private, commercial, or public parking lot, we take all the parameters of your project into account to satisfy you and make your daily life easier.