About us

The enterprise

In a start-up mode since the beginning of 2020, Evera technologies designs and fabricates level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles. Located in the heart of Montreal, we strive to source from the region in order to create a responsible product while stimulating the local economy. Since the very beginning of the project, our product has gone through some improvements and is now in its 4th version, available in 2 different models.

The management team is composed of:

– Daniel Lefebvre, president, also president and founder of Lamcom Technologies inc.,

– Karl-Olivier Therrien, Chief executive, with a solid background in industrial design, he has developed and continues to improve the product while closely participating in all the company’s activities

– Isabelle Loubier, having a good expertise in management and accounting, she is well positioned to take care of the administrative aspects of the company.

The project

The EVera™ Charging Station has been designed for private, commercial, or public parking areas. The product allows for the inclusion of two level 2 (240V) chargers while ensuring total management of the cables which automatically return into the enclosure when not in use thanks to a gravity pulleys system. The shape of the enclosure is also well suited to a surface treatment for marketing purposes or personalization.