About us

The enterprise

In a start-up mode since the beginning of 2020, Evera technologies designs and fabricates level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles. Subsidiary of MCM Integration inc., Evera technologies benefits from the more than 20-year experience and expertise of MCM Integration in the design of urban technical furniture. Born inside MCM Integration, the EVera™ project produced the first generations of the product now in its 3dr version, after two full years of testing on site. While production has started, a 4th version of the EVera Station is in preparation.

The management team is composed of:

– Paul W. Fournier, président-fondateur, aussi président-fondateur de MCM Intégration inc., détient une expérience en génie électrique et en design qu’il a mise à contribution dans ces activités depuis plus d’une vingtaine d’années;

– Karl-Olivier Therrien, technical director, with a solid background in industrial design, has proven his value inside MCM Integration since 2015 in being involved deeply into all the development phases of the EVera™ Project which he is pursuing now inside Evera technologies;

– Yenny Pinzon Cardozo, having a good expertise in management and accounting, and already involved into MCM Integration, is well positioned to take care of the administrative aspects in the new entity.

The project

The EVera™ Charging Station has been designed for private, commercial, or public parking areas. The product allows for the inclusion of two level 2 (240V) chargers while ensuring total management of the cables which automatically return into the enclosure when not in use thanks to a gravity pulleys system. The shape of the enclosure is also well suited to a surface treatment for marketing purposes or personalization.