EVera Electric Car Charging Stations

Looking for a charging station? You can trust EVera systems! We’re proud to present electric car charging stations with a unique design and intuitive operation! Learn more about the many advantages of our products.

Our electric car charging stations

Combining understated aesthetics, functionality, and flexibility, the EVera electric car charging station fits perfectly into all types of environments. In a corporate, commercial, municipal, or private parking lot, this unique, integrated system is elegant while effectively fulfilling its primary role as a charging station.

With its two chargers, minimal footprint, and internal cable management system, it makes the daily use of your personal or professional electric vehicle more pleasant.

Easy to maintain and customize, the EVera electric vehicle charging station is designed to blend in with your daily life while respecting your specific needs. It’s a valuable ally for a greener lifestyle.


Are you looking for a charging station for commercial use? The EVera charging station offers you a level-2 charge while combining simplicity, reliability, elegance, and ergonomics for optimal integration into your environment. It’s also designed for intuitive use.Several useful options make it possible to satisfy each user. For example, we give you the possibility to manage access to the charging station via a mobile application. In addition, EVera charging stations have the following advantages:
borne voiture electrique

Sleek design and easy to customize

Our electric car charging stations have been designed to fit into any type of context. With a contemporary look, they become attractive yet useful elements. Their minimalism also reflects the values of a greener lifestyle, a return to basics, and a respect for nature.
You can also decorate the EVera enclosure with your own colours or logo. Each charging station is customizable: as an option, you can add your company’s visual identity or the personal or artistic touch of your choice. Just ask your EVera supplier, who will offer you a visual simulation of the result.

Easy installation

EVera electric car charging stations also make your life easier! With their rigid base and small surface area, they are easy to install. Whether on an existing slab, a lamp post base, a screw pile, or a temporary plate, there are many installation options to suit any situation.

Do you want turnkey installation? This is also possible with the EVera charging station. Our distribution partner, Bornes Québec, will suggest qualified installers.

Subsidies and financial aid available

You should know that there are subsidies for purchasing charging stations in Quebec. The various levels of government offer several financial subsidies to compensate for the price and installation of a charging station, thereby facilitating the transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transportation.Find out more about the Quebec government’s rebates and subsidies for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles!