The EVera System: The EVSE Charging Station for Green Energy

The EVera System is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and intelligent design. It allows for a seamless use of green energy in your everyday life. Here is a more detailed presentation of our unique electric car charging station.

More than just an electric car charger, it's a combination of design and technology.

The EVera EVSE charging station stands out from the pack with its flowing lines. A symbol of our ecological values, it has been designed with the main goal of taking the cold climate environment for which it is intended into account.
Its aluminum enclosure, reduced ecological footprint, and slender shape make it at once elegant yet understated. It easily fits into any type of environment:
This unique aesthetic is a showcase for cutting-edge technology that is as ergonomic as it is unobtrusive. It is efficient for both fully electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

EVera technology

Each of our EVSE charging stations includes two level-2 charging systems (2×7.2 kW) capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously at 240 volts AC. You can also program the two stations to operate in power sharing mode to limit the total power used to 7.2 kW.

With charging cables up to 15 feet (4.5 m) long, the EVera EVSE charging station will easily reach your vehicle’s power outlet. In addition, it offers level-2 rapid charging. With a continuous charge lasting 3 hours, you can add approximately 100 km to the range of a fully electric vehicle.

Three options are available for the chargers:
subventions bornes recharge voitures electriques

The many advantages of the EVera system

1. A reliable system with intuitive operation

The design and technology of the EVera structure offers you a unique experience in your conversion to green energy.

Its design is entirely geared toward simple daily use in unpredictable weather conditions. Charging your electric vehicle therefore becomes an intuitive and simple act compatible with an ecological lifestyle focused on the basics.

The EVeraconnectors electric car charging station also features:

2. Fits into your daily life

The EVera structure will easily integrate into your everyday life and that of its users, whether they are your colleagues, customers, or residents.

In fact, it’s even easy to install, thanks to the installation manual detailing every step. The EVera system will be part of your daily life in no time at all. 

3. Easy installation and maintenance

For a successful operation, we recommend that you call on our distribution partner, Bornes Québec. They’ve mastered the operation of the EVera system, and they can advise you on the installation, start-up, and maintenance of our electric car charging stations. All this is always done in compliance with current regulations and health and safety standards.

4. Eligible for subsidies

And to make your life even easier, the EVera electric car charging station is one of the charging systems eligible for various subsidy programs. The different levels of government provide financial assistance for the purchase and installation of charging stations to promote the transition to green energy consumption patterns.Visit this dedicated page for more information on the Quebec government’s programs!