An EV Charging Station at Work

Are you looking for an attractive option for charging stations for businesses? Discover the EVera system and the many benefits it offers!

Charging stations are all the rage. In less than 5 years, the number of electric cars has dramatically increased. In response, more and more companies, cities, and businesses are installing charging stations for electric vehicles to accommodate these emerging needs!

In addition, many subsidies for charging stations for companies have been introduced. We also give you the option to customize your EV charging station at work.

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The advantages of a personalized EVera charging station

Personalizing your stations offers you the following advantages:

1. Increased visibility

EVera charging stations are there to meet your needs! In addition to their elegant design and ergonomic use, an EVera charging station can carry a distinctive message, branding, or even an advertising placement. This allows you to increase your visibility using our customization options.

Personalized EVera stations will be the ideal solution for your company or institution to:

2. Spread your message

We encourage our customers to customize their EV charging station at work primarily to support their company’s communication operations and preserve their reputation, but also to promote their values.

Indeed, an EVera structure that sports your colours allows you to make yourself known during a particular event with a strategic location. It’s also an excellent way to make your voice heard on a lasting basis and spread the vision of your company or organization.

With its height and slender lines, an EVera charging station personalized with your company’s branding does more than just promote your eco-friendly approach; it also plays the secondary role of strong signage by standing prominently in its environment. 

Various customization options

The basic design of our EVera corporate charging stations is understated, firstly to make them easier to integrate into any space. On the other hand, this design also allows them to take on your company’s colours.

There are many options for customizing our stations, from simply changing the colour of the head pennant to adding your particular typeface or logo.

EVera: customized stations tailored to the needs of businesses

As you can see, there are many ways to customize your corporate charging station with the help of our team, so choose your personalization options and display your identity!

Are you looking for installation services for electric vehicle charging stations for businesses? Our partner, Bornes Québec, will take care of this for you!