The Mini Transformer Station: An Accessory for the EVera Charging Station

If you are planning to install an EVera charging station that will require power cables longer than 50 m (150 ft), the cost of connecting your EV charger may become prohibitive. In order to reduce the cost of connecting your EVera charging station, we offer an EV charger accessory the Mini Transformer Station which will allow you to connect it more economically to the main 600 VAC electrical panel of the building. Practical and affordable, this accessory allows you to connect the EVera charging station to a 600 VAC electrical network.

How do transformers work?

An electrical transformer uses induction coils to change the voltage of an electrical network while maintaining its frequency. It reduces the cost of transporting energy from one point to another by reducing losses in the supply conductors.

Fast, simple, and reliable installation

For ease of installation, the Mini Transformer Station offers the option of pre-assembled components. Our partner, Bornes Qu├ębec, will be pleased to provide you with this accessory, as well as information about its use and connection, if required. This allows us to offer the best price-quality ratio for the installed EVera charging stations.

What is their usefulness for EV chargers?

Level-2 charging stations were originally designed to be connected to a residential electrical network with a nominal voltage of 240 VAC. However, in a commercial or industrial setting, 240 VAC does not exist. Rather, we find a nominal voltage of 208 VAC, which can still be used for a charging station, but which causes it to lose 25% of its power, thereby increasing the charging time by 25%.

In addition to the problem of the different nominal voltage, the distance between the electrical panel and the charging station must also be taken into account. If the location of the charging station requires power cables longer than 50 m (150 ft), voltage drop will also become an issue. This voltage loss or drop can be corrected by increasing the size of the conductors in the cables. However, this has the effect of significantly increasing the cost of the cables, making connection costs prohibitive.

The solution both for correcting the available nominal voltage and reducing the voltage drop is to install an accessory called the Mini Transformer Station near the charging station (within 50 m).

The Mini Transformer Station is connected with a 30A circuit from a 600 VAC panel in the building. It can then transform the 600 VAC to create two 240 VAC circuits to connect the EV chargers. We can then economically connect chargers that are up to 100 m (300 ft) from the 600 VAC power panel.

EVera Technologies has developed this EV charger accessory called the Mini Transformer Station. It includes a 15 kVA transformer embedded in an epoxy block inside a waterproof enclosure to which are fastened two disconnecting devices on the secondary side, creating two 240 VAC circuits. This accessory, powered at 600 VAC, can be installed inside or outside on a clean base. The Mini Transformer Station can be installed by the same contractor who carries out the connection and installation of the EVera charging station.