EV Charger Installation and Maintenance

For the installation and maintenance of your charging station, EVera Technologies and its partners are there for you with services tailored to your needs in order to ensure a smooth transition to a new and sustainable era—that of green transportation!

Simplified EV charger installation

The EVera fits into your environment naturally

At EVera Technologies, we make it easy for our charging stations to become an integral part of your everyday life.

First of all, their understated design allows them to easily blend into all types of surroundings, whether it’s an EV charger installation for a private, commercial, corporate, or public parking lot.

In addition, the EVera is designed to be installed simply by a qualified professional, as offered by Bornes Québec. Thanks in particular to its minimal floor space and the various installation options (on a concrete slab, pile, or plate), its installation can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Finally, we’ve developed an installation manual for EVera electric vehicle charging stations. Intended for our customers and partners, this manual details all the steps involved in setting up and starting up the product. We do all this because we support the transition to a new era of more responsible energy consumption.

Bornes Québec: our EV charger installation partner

Bornes Québec, a division of the Irenode Group, is developing activities in line with current environmental data. These days, it’s essential to review the way we travel to reduce our impact on our ecosystems. This shift has been made possible in part by the electrification of the transportation network.

Bornes Québec also offers its expertise in consulting and the sales and maintenance of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the province of Québec, thereby helping to ease this transition. With a wealth of experience in the field of automotive accessories, it is made up of a team of passionate experts trained in the implementation of the EVera system.

By entrusting Bornes Québec with the installation of your charging stations, you’re choosing a solid, durable installation that complies with the applicable standards in effect.

Charging station maintenance: EVera Technologies and its partners are there to help you.

An effective ecological transition requires functional, high-quality equipment that is closely monitored! We’re aware of this reality, so we’re committed to supporting you throughout your experience long after the EV charger installation.

Bornes Québec maintenance services

In addition to helping you install your charging stations, our partner Bornes Québec offers follow-up and repair.For the regular maintenance of your EVera charging station, the Bornes Québec team is available to check the main components and the general condition of your equipment on an annual basis.In the event of a breakdown, a Bornes Québec expert can also be quickly dispatched to the site to restart or repair your EVera charging station.You can therefore have full confidence in Bornes Québec for both the installation and maintenance of your EVera charging station!