EV Charging Service Providers: Bornes Québec

A quality electric vehicle charging station generally requires little intervention. Indeed, its materials are reliable, allowing you to enjoy it with complete peace of mind. EVera Technologies Inc. (ETI) is a manufacturer, designer, and supplier of enclosures including electric car charging stations. ETI does not handle the installation and maintenance work. For that, we refer you to our authorized distributor, Bornes Québec. Bornes Québec’s charging systems and solutions are designed to help electric vehicle owners with what we call smart charging.

Bornes Québec: maintenance service based on experience

Bornes Québec, a division of the Irenode Group, has a rich and solid experience in the field of automotive accessories.

Since 2016, Bornes Québec has stood out in the electric car landscape by providing quality charging stations. Irenode offers innovative automotive solutions to its customers.

Bornes Québec follows the same approach. A major player in its field, Bornes Québec is active in the supply, installation, and maintenance of carefully selected charging equipment for the Quebec market.

Made up of a team of experts that constantly stays up to date on the latest technological advances in the fields of charging and electric vehicles, Bornes Québec stands out with its « 360 » service, which ranges from consultation to maintenance, sales, and installation.

As an EVera Technologies partner, Bornes Québec’s customer service ensures that you are always well served.

Charging station maintenance

EVera charging stations are designed for ease of use. As with any device, we recommend adopting good practices to maximize the lifespan of your charging stations.

Preventive maintenance

As an owner and user, you can contribute to the longevity and proper functioning of your charging station by following a few simple guidelines.

For example, you should:

If something appears abnormal, contact Bornes Québec to check the condition and operation of the charging station. They will examine the condition of the various components and make recommendations if necessary.

Troubleshooting and repair

If an incident occurs, Bornes Québec can intervene quickly. Their experienced staff have the technical knowledge and know-how to make a precise diagnosis and propose appropriate solutions.

They can replace defective parts and check the station’s program. The technicians from Bornes Québec will also give you a report on the future maintenance to be scheduled. Don’t hesitate to rely on their maintenance services for your charging stations!