Hybrid Car and EV Charger Installation

With their elegant design and intuitive operation, EVera charging stations embody the values of simplicity and environmental friendliness—values that we honour even in the installation of our car charging stations. We offer a simple and well-conceived installation for a worry-free ecological transition.To prepare for the installation of your EVera station, you can refer to our documentation. The installation manual will provide you with all the necessary information down to the last detail.

Easy EV charger installation

Thanks to the clear instructions provided in the installation manual, the installation of our electric car charging stations is very simple. If you ever need personalized support while installing an EVera charging station, our partner, Bornes Québec, will be able to advise you.

Several installation methods are possible:

Depending on your situation, the charger can be installed:

Power supply for the EVera charging station

Since the EVera station is equipped with two level-2 chargers, for each of these chargers, it requires a 240 VAC power supply with a capacity of 40A. This requires the use of 40A (or 50A) double-pole (2P) power circuit breakers. To be able to charge two electric vehicles at the same time at full capacity, each charger must receive a separate 40A/240 VAC power supply.
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“Shared load” power supply

It is possible to use a single 40A/240 VAC power supply to supply both chargers with a shared load. This means that the chargers must be able to communicate with each other (Smart option required) so that the two chargers together do not consume more than 40A

This will slow down the charging speed when two vehicles are connected to the EVera station at the same time but will provide full capacity if only one vehicle is connected to it. Shared charging power can be selected when users of the electric car charging station plan to park and charge for more than three hours and want to limit the amperage required for the EVera installation.

Maximum distances from the power source

Cables coming from the electrical power panel of the EVera station should be no longer than 50 metres to avoid excessive voltage drop at the connection point of the chargers housed in the EVera station. If the location of the EVera station requires power cables longer than 50 metres, we recommend considering the Transformer Substation option, which will allow the EVera station to be installed up to 150 metres from a 600 VAC electrical panel.

A style that suits any type of environment

The EVera system easily integrates into many environments. With its sleek design and small footprint, it will easily integrate into your corporate, commercial, or private parking lot.

Bornes Québec: our installation and maintenance partner

EVera Technologies designs and manufactures EVera charging stations. However, we do not handle the installation of the charging stations. To take advantage of this type of service, we recommend getting in touch with our partner, Bornes Québec.

Bornes Québec will guide you toward environmentally friendly consumption patterns. Each day, the company strives to provide the best services related to the purchase, maintenance, and installation of charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Reliability and precision

With Bornes Québec, EV charger installation is a fluid operation!

For the installation of your EVera charging station, whether it is in a residential, public, or private space, Bornes Québec will mobilize one of its experts and send them to the site as soon as possible.

Thanks to our EVera installation manual, the technician puts their know-how to work to ensure a lasting EV charger installation at an attractive price and in compliance with current health and safety standards.

In addition, after your charging station has been installed, don’t hesitate to call on Bornes Québec for maintenance and repairs. They will be pleased to support you!