Grants for EV Charging Stations

Are you an individual, company, organization, or public institution? Do you want to have charging stations installed for one or more electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles? Here is a list of the main grants for charging stations for electric cars.

Grants for EV charging stations for private individuals

As part of its transition to more eco-friendly modes of transportation, Quebec is establishing various financial assistance programs. In particular, you can take advantage of subsidies for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. Various forms of assistance are available to Quebec citizens at the provincial and municipal levels.

1.  Provincial subsidy

The Government of Quebec provides its citizens with a subsidy for the purchase and installation of a charging station. If you own a new or used electric or hybrid vehicle, you could benefit from financial assistance in acquiring a charging station. This assistance includes an amount for the purchase of a charging station and an amount for the installation costs. You can find the latest updates on this subsidy on the provincial site.

2. Municipal grants  

In Quebec, several cities and municipalities are involved in the ecological transition. They are also offering their residents subsidies for electric car charging stations. These subsidies are mainly for individuals. The conditions for obtaining them and the amount granted differ from one subsidy to the next. To find out more about incentive rebates, visit your municipality’s website for more information!

Applying for the subsidy

Grant applications can be filed online. You can find more information and forms on the Quebec Government’s Electric Vehicles website. Please note that most applications require specific documents such as:

  • Vehicle identification number
  • Registration certificate
  • Invoices for the purchase and installation of your electric vehicle charging station
  • Bill of sale for the vehicle

Visit the government website for more details on the procedure.

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Grants for EV charging stations for businesses and communities

If you want to equip your company, public establishment, or other professional space with one or more charging stations for electric vehicles, you can also take advantage of special subsidies. The main form of assistance for organizations is provided by the province as part of the Go Green program. It can be granted for the purchase or rental and installation of the station.